My mentor always said to me in everything you do “begin with the end in mind”.

As I begin this new journey I’ve struggled with where to start, then I remembered another wise thing from another mentor, be prepared to say in the beginning what you would say in the end.

So this journey is about two things #1 sharing somethings I’ve learned from building a successful 7 figure business while navigating through a couple of decades in the world’s most elite profession of Air Traffic Controller.

# 2 this is where I will take you on my journey of going “from tolerated to celebrated” this journey starts today, the first phase of the journey 0-60 that’s $60,000 in revenue. I’m so excited about bringing you into my world with all the ups and downs of building a new team if you will. Trust me it’s going to be very interesting!

So remember in everything you do begin with the end in mind, and always be prepared to say in the beginning what you would gladly say in the end.

I hope this was of some value to you.

Stay principle-centered and value driven and success is inevitable!

To our journey together