If you look for it, you’ll find tons of articles on the paradigm shifts in marketing.

Like ” implications of the pardigm shifts in marketing” by Maximillian Shoh at linkedin. “Marketing paradigm shifts, embrace them or perish,” – courtesy of findandconvert.com.

” Paradigm shifts in marketing” by Christopher S penn. Trust me the list goes on and on.

Everyone from small business to the marketing conglomerate that resides at New York’s Madison Ave have pivoted and embraced this change. So why is it that one industry that pridefully calls themselves marketers, so much so that they included it in their name, has not made the change? The industry I speak of is ” Network Marketing.” Why are 99% of network marketing companies using outdated and unsuccessful strategies from 1985?

Trust me I know, I’ve been in and around the industry since 1986. I have seen it all, and although we have what most would call a successful business today, I still see these old guard mindsets and concepts being deployed all throughout this wonderful profession.

One day while watching Gary Vee on you tube, I had the ephiphany of my business life going forward. Interestingly enough, I  had been pondering for months why the decline in my own business (even though it remains a 7 figure a year business), the downward spiral still staired me directly in the face. Gary put the final pieces in to my puzzle.

This is what he stated: “If you were fortunate enough to see your parents at the age you are currently,  you would notice that ” you are significantly different.””

Which led me to this: “The 40 year old Mom of 3 kids today is completely different than the 40 year old Mom 30 yrs ago.” Hence, why are the vast majority of network marketing companies still using the old school methods of “selling” in today’s world of “marketing”?

It doesn’t make any sense. If we study the statistics of the everyday (I do not like using average) network marketer in terms of success vs failure, income vs the lack there of, you would conclude that the old school way of selling and prospecting is not working.

People like Dan Kennedy and Perry Marshall have been telling us for years; furthermore, recently people like Tim Erway, Ray Higdon and Mike Dillard have all been telling us, screaming at the top of their lungs, “in today’s world the marketer is king.”

In his book Drucker On Marketing Bill Cohen quotes the grandfather of modern marketing Peter Drucker: “Marketing isn’t Sales. In sales we try to influence the customer to buy, in marketing we find out what the customer wants or needs and we fill the void. If marketing were done perfectly, selling would be unnecessary.”

My hope is that everyone involved in this wonderful profession of Network Marketing will embrace and participate in this paradigm shift, from selling to marketing, from mostly offline to mostly online. We have and are so excited for our future.

Remeber, stay Principle Centered and Value Driven and success is inevitable.

To our journey together,

Ceej and Tatiana